Changling servant of The Cat Godess, Dyn is charged with monitoring the Gods and serving justice on those who may upset the balance.


Dyn is a Changeling who never shows his true form. His preferred forms are that of a tall halfling male (roughly 4’) with sandy blond hair and bright green eyes, a beautiful female elf with light blue eyes and shining blond hair, or an extremely common looking brown haired, brown eyed human male.

Dyn bears the Ghostfolly’s Gloves, heavy studded leather cloves with powerful magic abilities which reveal themselves to only powerful owners.

A powerful rogue/assassin, Dyn travels through shadows to sneak up on those he wishes to kill, but very much prefers to use subterfuge to defeat his enemies. When possible Dyn will always find a peaceful solution, or at least a solution which intimidates his enemies into inaction rather than actually killing them.



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